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* New York - A lot of work to do to fix a bus service

(Video from Staten Island Advance - 22 mar. 2016: Videos gathered by the Van Duzer Civic Association show MTA buses routinely passing by Staten Islanders waiting at various bus stops) 

... The bus, of course, is one of the borough's main forms of public transit. We don't have a subway, you see, like the other four boroughs. We do have the Staten Island Railway, a hardly little line. But it only goes up the East Coast of the borough... Given the distances that need to be covered, cabs aren't really a fit for our daily commutes... And some folks simply refuse to face the hell of driving to work off-Island, which also comes with the need to pay for parking on the other side. That's a bridge too far for a lot of us, no pun intended... So we rely on the bus, both local routes and express buses into Manhattan. They're not getting the job done. We need help... Or is this another thing we're just supposed to get used to? Like we're supposed to get used to traffic on the Staten Island Expressway or on our local roads? Like we're supposed to get used to the Island becoming a frozen zone whenever there's a fender-bender on the Gowanus Expressway during the morning rush hour?... How many compromises are commuters expected to make for the privilege of living in their home borough?... 
Staten Island, NY, USA - SIadvance, by Tom Wrobleski - March 22, 2016



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