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* Mumbai - Do you know what is in the luggage hold?

-- Private buses transport dangerous material illegally without informing the passenger and, sometimes, even the crew... If you thought travelling by a luxury bus run by a private operator was the safest mode of transport between two cities, think again... These buses are often caught illegally transporting goods in their luggage compartment, and sometimes even atop the vehicle... On Tuesday, five passengers suffered minor burns when the bus staff tried to offload a container of sulphuric acid in order to avoid getting caught during a surprise check by the RTO, bringing into focus the illegal transportation of hazardous material in passenger buses... In spite of checks, the practice continues unhindered, say officials...
Most commonly found dangerous items in the luggage hold: * Two-wheelers with full fuel tank * Batteries * Foam * Mattresses * Agricultural chemicals * Cotton * Crackers * Gas cylinders
(Photo: G P Sampath Kumar - RTO Officials checking the luggage hold of private buses)  --  Mumbai, India - The Hindu, by AVINASH BHAT - March 25, 2016



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