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* Canberra - Bus passengers allowed to carry bulky goods on ACTION under new rules

-- From Monday, new rules spell out the rights of bus passengers to carry bulky items on to buses, but also set in stone the right of the driver to make the final decision... ACT Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris said the new policies would allow passengers to take fold-up bikes and other bulky items on board. They would also mean more certainty for passengers and make buses a more convenient and attractive option... Asked for examples of bulky items, her spokeswoman cited furniture, luggage and musical instruments. But the policies don't list allowed items, and make it clear that it is up to the driver to decide... The new rules spell out that drivers must not help passengers loading or unloading goods... Dangerous goods are banned, including knives, vehicle batteries, gas bottles, fuel and goods that are likely to spill...
(Photo: ACT Bus - A bike rack on an ACTION bus, but what are you allowed to carry on the inside?) -- Canberra, ACT, Australia - The Canberra Times, by Kirsten Lawson - March 28 2016

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