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WOMEN DRIVERS * India: Not allowed for school buses

* Maharashtra - RTO refuses permit to women trained to drive school buses

-- In an attempt to curb rash driving as well as to prevent cases of molestation and sexual abuse of children in school buses, the School Bus Owners Association (SBOA), over the last year, had trained 52 women as school bus drivers. However, in a major setback, the RTO has refused to give the women permits stating that they need at least a year’s experience of driving a public transport... The members of the SBOA had trained these female drivers after receiving complaints against male drivers alleging that they were reckless and irresponsible and were putting at stake the safety of students who they ferry... Soon after the plan was put into action, the association claims, they received over 100 applications from women all across Mumbai. Of the 100, 52 were shortlisted based on their education and family background... 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - The Indian Express - January 28, 2016



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