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* Delhi - Why DTC needs to mind its BUSiness

-- First, the good news. The Delhi Transport Corporation is capable of running an efficient bus system... This was demonstrated this past fortnight during the odd-even experiment when the state-run bus company was able to respond to the increased ridership.. . Now, the not-so-good news. The fortnight-long exercise also proved that DTC cannot do without a boost for its fleet in the coming months... DTC bumped up its usual 86% operational efficiency to 95% in the fortnight since road rationing began on January 1. What this means is that more buses left the depots and completed more trips than earlier. The frequency of buses also went up because each bus made more trips. The number of daily trips increased from 37,237 to 44,597 during the fortnight, though this figure includes the trips made by 1,250 private buses inducted into service... Unfortunately, these achievements paradoxically validated the need for more buses on the ground. Currently, DTC runs the show with 4,461 buses, aided by 1,490 cluster buses operated by the Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System (DIMTS). On any given day, however, at least 10% of them are unavailable due to maintenance and other issues... 
(Photo: DTC buses on depot)  --  New Delhi, India - The Times fo India, by Rumu Banerjee - Jan 15, 2016 

* Delhi government: To run 1,000 AC buses on PPP model. The government decided to opt for this model as DTC could not buy buses

-- The AAP government is aiming to augment public transport facilities before introducing the second phase of odd-even scheme... order to boost the city's public transport system, the Delhi government has decided to run 1,000 new air-conditioned low-foor buses on public-private partnership (PPP) model in the national capital... A proposal has been prepared by the transport department in this regard and it will be tabled in the Cabinet meeting later this month... The AAP government is aiming to augment public transport facilities before introducing the second phase of odd-even scheme which chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said will be back in an "improved form"... The government decided to opt for the PPP model as DTC could not buy buses despite floating tenders two-three times as bus manufacturers did not show interest due to some conditions in the tenders... 
(TOI photo, by Yogesh Kumar: The AAP government is aiming to augment public transport facilities) -- New Delhi, India - The Times of India - Jan 17, 2016

* Delhi - Breaking down the upkeep dilemma

-- With no manufacturer coming forward to sign a contract that stipulated it would also have to maintain the buses it sold to the Delhi Transport Corporation, the capital's bus agency decided last year to scrap the clause. Ironically, this was done at a time when maintenance of its buses has been one of the biggest concerns for DTC... Till two months ago, the rate of breakdowns was a scandalous 600 per day for a fleet of 4,500 buses. In the past month, the state bus agency has brought down the figure to around 300 per day... Clearly, the emphasis is now on regular maintenance and stricter supervision of the maintenance teams. The repair team, which is outsourced, has been a bone of contention for the DTC for several years. The annual maintenance contract, which was made a part of the tender in 2007 when a set of 650 buses was procured, was re-introduced in 2010 when DTC bought the bulk of its low-floor fleet. At the time, 3,775 buses had been procured in a contract that put the onus of maintaining the buses on the manufacturer for the life of the vehicle, which is around 12 years as per norm. As part of the AMC fee, DTC pays the bus companies Rs 3.5-12 per km, depending on the age of the bus... However, frequent breakdowns and penalties imposed by DTC had prompted manufacturers, especially major sellers Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland, to express reluctance at similar upkeep clauses in any new contracts. This forced DTC to jettison the contractual condition last year... 
(Photo: A DTC bus) -- New Delhi, India - The Times of India, by Rumu Banerjee - Jan 15, 2016

* Maharashtra - Home Department disallows private inter-city buses

-- The state move was in response to the Bombay High Court's directive, wherein the division bench of justices had asked the government to either come out with a policy in favour of privatisation or act against illegal private transport operators... Henceforth, travelling in a private inter-city bus might become next to impossible. The state home department on Thursday issued a government resolution (GR), disallowing private bus operators to provide inter-city bus services. These buses, reportedly, poach the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) passengers... 
(Representational Image) -- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - DNA, by ATEEQ SHAIKH - 18 Jan 2016



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