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* Tamil Nadu - Government buses: Driven to violating rules

-- There are no refresher or sensitising courses offered by the TNSTC to their drivers... They halt in the middle of the road, jump signals, drive rashly with blaring horns and think nothing of going the wrong way. Government buses are guilty of all of the above and behave like bullies, completely unmindful and indifferent to the smaller vehicles and pedestrians on the road... The reason is a combination of unskilled drivers, lack of will to enforce road rules by authorities and poor quality of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) buses. Lives are claimed in accidents every year thanks to bad driving and many have been maimed. The only way to escape them is to give them a wide berth or get out of their way to avoid being hit..... According to him, RTO, police and TNSTC can initiate action against bus drivers for non-compliance to the road safety rules, but they do not as TNSTC is a government agency... 
(Photo: Thousands of commuters fined for violating pollution-reducing efforts)  --   Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - The Hindu, by M.K. ANANTH - 18 Jan 2016



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