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SAFETY SCHOOL BUSES * India - Parents expressed concern about

* Bhopal - Parents scared to send their kids on school buses

-- Several parents of schoolchildren in Bhopal have expressed concern over safety in school buses in the wake of serious crimes occurring on buses in recent times. HT spoke with two of the largest stakeholders in the situation - parents and school bus operators - to get a clearer picture of the implementation of guidelines that are supposed to keep kids safe. While most Bhopal school buses largely follow the guidelines laid by the Supreme Court, they have still not implemented Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines. Not equipping buses with CCTV cameras and GPS systems is among the rules that are widely flouted by school buses in the capital city... 
(Photo: Parents take away their children at a school-bus at Board-Office-Square in MP Nagar in Bhopal-Praveen)  --  Bhopal, Praveen, India - The Hindustan Times, by Purvi Jain - Jan 22, 2016



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