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* Mozambique partnership with China to build buses

* China woos Mozambique partnership to manufacture buses

-- A high-powered Chinese delegation representing the Asian nation’s Ministry of Trade and the Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. visited the Matchedje Motor car assembly plant in the industrial city of Machava, in Maputo Province to get acquainted with the unit, whose capacity could be enhanced to produce even more buses in the country...The project, Footprint to Africa learnt involves an increase in production to 100,000 vehicles per year by 2017, followed by new expansion phase to about 500,000 vehicles... The Matchedje Motor project, established just over four years ago, is the result of an investment by the China Tong Jian Investment Co. Ltd, and at this initial stage is operating with two assembly lines, a painting area and another area for inspections... 
Machava, Maputo Province, Mozambique - Footprint to Africa - January 20, 2016



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