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MARCOPOLO BUSES * Brazil - Exported to Costa Rica

* São Paulo - 64 new, stylish Marcopolo Buses coming to Costa Rica

-- Marcopolo has just signed a new contract for the export of buses to some of the main transport operators in Costa Rica. The vehicles with different characteristics, will be used for urban, tourism and interstate transportation... The new buses are part of an ongoing renewal program of the Costa Rican companies... Marcopolo will deliver 38 road vehicle models Paradiso 1800 Double Decker (two floors), Paradiso 1050, Paradiso 1200 and Senior Viaggio 1050. For the urban segment the company will provide 26 units of the Torino bus model... 
Barrio Ipiranga, SP, Brazil - Marcopolo S.A. Press Release, by Jaime Lopez – January 27, 2016



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