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BUS DRIVERS SHORTAGE* USA: Assistants must have drivers' licenses

* North Carolina - Teaching assistants, others could be driving school buses under new policy

-- A shortage of bus drivers in the Alamance-Burlington School System could mean new school employees would be required to be licensed and ready to drive routes... A proposed policy before the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education would require new “classified” employees — cafeteria workers, custodians, teacher assistants and others, like graduation coaches — to get licensed and sign bus-driving agreements as a condition of employment... The district is short five full-time drivers, but the biggest worry is keeping a pool of substitute drivers to fill in on sick days, according to Assistant Superintendent Todd Thorpe. The school board raised bus-drivers’ wages to $11.60 per hour in the current budget to keep drivers in the district...
(Photo: Alamance-Burlington's school buses--  Alamance-Burlington, NC, USA - The Times-News, by Isaac Groves - Jan. 17, 2016



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