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ALTERNATIVE FUELS * USA: Buses with Propane Autogas

* DC - Fleet success with

(Video from BlueBirdCorporation - Jan 29, 2014: PERC interviews Ron Latko, Director of Transportation for Mesa Public Schools on his success with a Blue Bird Propane School Bus fleet) 

-- According to the National Association for Pupil Transportation, school buses are the safest mode of transportation to and from school. This year, however, the yellow bus is getting an upgrade. More than a half a million students will ride a school bus powered by propane autogas this year... “Diesel has long been the standard in school transportation, but for districts that want to reduce harmful emissions, save money and create a safer, healthier ride, propane autogas is an excellent alternative,” said Michael Taylor, Propane Education & Research Council’s director of autogas business development... Among the health and safety advantages of propane-autogas-powered buses are that they are quieter than diesel and they reduce exposure to diesel exhaust, which the World Health Organization classifies as a carcinogen. Transportation departments are also reducing fuel and maintenance costs with propane autogas compared with diesel, giving schools the opportunity to invest in more teachers or school programs... Recognizing these benefits, schools across 45 states — a total of more than 7,000 buses — have transitioned to propane autogas. And as propane autogas sales reach record numbers this year, and all four major school bus manufacturers now offer propane-autogas-powered models, PERC is highlighting the stories of school districts that have adopted the fuel...
Washington, DC, USA - The Propane Education & Research Council (P.R.)/ School Transportation News, by Ryan Gray - October 6, 2015



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