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ALTERNATIVE FUELS * Australia: Compressed Natural Gas

* Victoria - Caltex has launched its first Compressed Natural Gas refuelling facility at a service station

-- Caltex recently marked the opening of its first Australian service station to offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), with the Caltex Star Mart site in Tullamarine, Victoria, now offering the alternative alongside its mainstream fuels... Caltex Australia has partnered with AGL Energy Limited to bring the niche fuel to the site, spearheading a push to develop a wider network – first in Australia's eastern states, then nationally... The alternative fuel is essentially natural gas compressed to less than one per cent of its normal volume at standard atmospheric pressure. It's said to be a cleaner-burning and more cost-effective option when compared to regular fuels... But with the exception of the bus industry, CNG as an alternative fuel has been largely overlooked in Australia. However, if Caltex and AGL are successful, it seems Australia will soon be following most other parts of the developed world in adding CNG to existing fuel options, which in turn could well hasten the local introduction of CNG passenger cars... 
(Pictured: Toll's trucks at Caltex refuelling station)   --   Tullamarine, VIC, Australia - Motoring, by Rod Chapman - 25 September 2015

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