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ELECTRIC BUS FLEET * UK: 1st Large-scale one

* England - London to get its Electric Bus Fleet, thanks to BYD + Alexander Dennis Limited partnership

-- Go-Ahead London has contracted BYD Company + Alexander Dennis Limited to provide 51 emissions-free, all-electric buses as part of a £19 million deal between the groups, according to a recent press release... The 51-strong electric bus fleet will, once delivered, represent the largest such fleet in the whole of Europe, making the deal quite an important one for the region, for BYD, and for Alexander Dennis Limited, hopefully paving the way towards an electric future... The deal will see BYD provide the chassis and electric drivetrains, while Alexander Dennis Limited will body the buses — using the company’s market-leading Enviro200-like midi bus design as the template... Transport for London plans for all of the London’s single-deck buses to be completely emissions-free by 2020...Previous statements from the head of Barcelona’s transit agency to EV Obsession indicated that BYD’s electric buses were competitive with conventional diesel buses when comparing lifetime costs. If that’s the case, given the tremendous health, quality of life, and climate benefits of electric buses, it seems like a given that cities should switch to these... 
London, EN, UK - EV Obsession/Clean Technica, by James Ayre - August 3rd, 2015

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