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* UK - BUS AD: HEY... minimum: ... leave the phone in the advertising !!!

* UK - The best responses to that ‘offensive’ ‘ride me all day for £3′ bus ad

(Picture: NAT/Facebook - This New Adventure Travel campaign was called ‘sexist’ and ‘offensive’ online)
 -- Following a huge backlash online, New Adventure Travel, a private bus company in the Cardiff Bay area is removing adverts from its buses that feature a topless woman holding a sign which reads ‘Ride me all day for £3’ ... After a barrage of criticism from locals, the company yesterday apologised ‘unreservedly’ for what they had intended to be a ‘tongue in cheek’ campaign to attract the younger generation... They said all ads, some of which also featured a topless man, would be removed from buses within 24 hours... However, that still allowed plenty of time for Twitter to have its say and, of course, Twitter had a lot to say... 
 (Two replies... The others ones see by yourself...)
By DJ Wozza: "Ride me all day for £3 #RideMeAllDay @Nigel_Farage" 

"It was a cross-party thing", by Trubs ‏@MrTrubshawe

Cardiff, EN, UK - Metro, by Alison Lynch - 12 May 2015



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