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SCHOOL BUS SERVICES * USA: Durham's ones - * Virginia's: Camera system to catch violators

* Tennessee - School bus contract may not have given the district the best deal

-- School bus drivers in Shelby County spent this school year making headlines... Mix in a company recruiting employees at 201 Poplar & having crash after crash, it was no surprise it raised concerns with the only one who school leaders said stepped up to do business here... First Student, the largest bus company in America, couldn`t step up without charging a huge amount of money to cover all the buses they would need to buy, in record time... So how did Durham buy buses for all of Shelby County including the burbs in just a few short weeks when no one else could?: “They bought the buses from Shelby County Schools,” said Parker... The only reason the school systems were stuck with Durham was because several weeks before Durham stepped up with an affordable deal, SCS sold all its existing buses to Durham... A spokeswoman for Shelby County Schools said everyone was given the same opportunity to provide services and purchase the bus fleet... Durham Services has similar contracts with other districts as it does with Shelby County, they certainly didn’t do anything wrong, but it may not have been in the best interest of all the districts... 
Memphis, TENN, USA - WREG News 3 Channel, by WAYNE CARTER - May 6, 2015

* Virginia - Yield to school buses: Camera system to catch violators

-- A partnership between Augusta County Public Schools and the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office has added two new camera systems to the locality’s school buses... The cameras will be aimed at catching motorists who do not stop behind buses from which children are either getting on or off... Most motorists don’t know when or when not to stop. Passing a school bus with its stop sign out could result in a reckless driving charge, Glick said, which carries a maximum of $2,500 in fines and up to a year in jail... Two buses in the Augusta County Public School’s fleet have been outfitted with dual cameras on the driver’s side of the bus — one pointing to the back of the bus and another pointing to the front... When an incident happens, the bus driver will report it to school administrators who will then download the video and send it to the sheriff’s office...  Each of the camera sets are hooked up to a digital box inside the bus that records any infraction... 
(Photo by Mike Tripp/The News Leader: School Bus Cameras - A camera is mounted near the base of a side view mirror on an Augusta County school bus. It is one of two cameras on the bus being used to help catch motorists who do not stop for buses when children are either getting on or off the bus) Augusta County, VIR, USA - News Leader, by Laura Peters - May 5, 2015



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