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* Oregon - Metro tests ‘turn warning’ buses, explores ways to prevent pedestrian collisions

-- In an effort to improve pedestrian safety and reduce collisions, King County Metro Transit is testing and evaluating an audio and visual turn warning system on 10 buses for the next month in parts of Seattle and south King County... The audio system, called TurnWarning, announces “caution, bus turning” in English and Spanish and includes a left-side strobe light activated when a bus is turning at an intersection. The installed system is triggered when the bus driver turns the steering wheel at least 270 degrees left or 360 degrees right... This system was tested for three days this week on eight buses as they traveled through busy intersections in downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and Madison Park. Staff recorded initial observations and pedestrian feedback that will be further analyzed as part of the evaluation. Another month of testing remains on a total of 10 buses traveling around the county... 
(Photo: A King County Metro bus. Metro operates a fleet of about 1,300 buses)   --  King County, ORE, USA - The Enumclauw Courier Herald - May 15, 2015



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