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INSPECTION of BUSES USA: * North Carolina: No requirement for charter school buses - & * Ohio: Big Buses inspected

* North Carolina - A loophole in state law allows school buses at dozens of schools to go un-inspected

(CDL Bus Pretrip Inspection - By Videosaysitall's Channel - Jul 17, 2012: This video will show you how to do a school bus pretrip. Actually, this video is helpful for any class B vehicle)

 -- School buses that failed inspection still on the road... Charter schools are schools that are operated by private organizations but receive public tax dollars. There are currently 146 charter schools in the Tar Heel State, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction... State law only requires that charter schools ensure transportation isn't a barrier to a student attending their school. There is no requirement to offer transportation services... Because of that, charter school administrators said, the state does not provide any money for transportation... Public schools, on the other hand, are provided buses for student transportation to and from school. Those buses also come with state-supported maintenance. Along with that funding from the state come requirements that each public school bus be inspected every 30 days... Unlike public schools, charter schools are not required to conduct any inspections on their buses and there are no standardized maintenance requirements. Despite that, NCDPI offers free courtesy inspections to all charter schools once a year... There are 35 charter schools in the greater Charlotte region. Of those, 12 offer some form of bus transportation to students, whether it be door-to-door service our something that more closely resembles a shuttle from the school to just a few stops... Until the law changes, though, there will be no uniform standard for ensuring charter school buses are safe to transport children... 
Charlotte, NC, USA - WBTV, by Nick Ochsner - May 12, 2015 

* Ohio - Big Buses inspected for safety issues

-- Safety searches are keeping inspectors busy as they expose the problems many drivers will never see or check... All motor coaches and church buses must pass an annual inspection. It’s a registration requirement in Ohio that has been in place for 15 years now... Still, nearly half of all buses fail each year for mechanical or safety issues... Rolling down the road at nearly 50 thousand pounds, it’s critical big buses are running right. Inspectors check everything from the emergency exits and roof escapes, to the belts, tires and brakes... Any kind of charter bus must pay for an annual inspection and one violation means the bus has failed... All issues must be fixed before the bus get the seal of approval affixed to the side. It’s an effort to keep passengers safe and educate drivers on the often ignored or missed mechanics that could be life changing at any turn... State troopers say some bus companies have registered out of state to avoid going through Ohio’s inspection process. It’s a good idea to look for an updated sticker showing the bus passed a recent inspection before you board... 
(Photo: Some big buses were busted for safety violations that put everyone at risk on the road)  --  Columbus, OH, USA - ABC 6, by Elizabeth Faugl - May 12, 2015



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