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BUSMAKER NEWS * Sweden - Volvo tests new generation all-electric bus

Gothenburg - Volvo’s first electric bus now on the roads of 

-- Swedish bus maker Volvo has just concluded tests of its new electric bus on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. The bus was tested amid regular traffic to study it in real word conditions. Volvo says that it is fine tuning the bus before launching it on June 15, 2015 in Gothenburg itself... The bus is 10.7 metres long and can accommodate up to 86 passengers. The driver sits in the centre of the bus a la the Mclaren F1 hypercar. Volvo says that the bus is designed to offer a modern and welcoming atmosphere. The bus is fitted with sockets to charge mobile phones as well as has onboard WiFi... Three of its all-electric and seven of its hybrid buses will ply on this route. The buses are equipped with quick-charge battery packs that can be replenished using renewable electricity. The energy consumption of the bus is 80 per cent lower than that of diesel buses, says Volvo... The bus will be commercially produced 2017 onwards... 
(Photo: A VOLVO BUS SAR)  --  Gothenburg, Sweden - Overdrive - 13 May 2015

* India - Volvo says its buses are compliant to the new Bus Body Code in

-- The bus body code has come into effect in India from April 1, 2015. Issued by the office of Ministry of Road and Transport Highways , the Bus Body Code enlists guidelines to manufacturers of bus bodies. The new direction will ensure that buses will maintain a standard with respect to the design, passenger legroom, materials used for construction. The Bus Body code also mandates the incorporation of ABS... Volvo has announced that it welcomes the new rules that could help reduce the growing number of fatalities on our roads. The company adds that its buses already conform to the Bus Body Code and its buses come with ABS...
(Photo: Volvo Buses are fully compliant to the Bus Body Code) -- New Delhi, Delhi, India - First Post - 15 May 2015

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