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BUS PUBLIC SERVICE * USA: New warning system

* Washington - Seattle pedestrians will hear a new warning system on King County buses

-- That's not your imagination playing tricks on you. Some King County Metro Transit buses are "talking" now. It's an effort to increase pedestrian safety... Metro is testing the audio system called TurnWarning on 10 buses for the next month in parts of Seattle and south King County. From sidewalks and crosswalks, you'll hear the warning "Caution! Bus is turning" from a speaker... Metro estimates the 10 devices cost about $4,000 each. Desmond says outfitting the entire fleet could cost as much as $3 million... 
(Photo by Josh Green, KING 5 News - King County Metro Transit is testing out a new turn warning system on some of its buses) Seattle, WASH, USA - KING 5 News, by Josh Green - May 14, 2015



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