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WEATHER TROUBLES* USA: Texas' hail storm

* Austin - Lake Travis ISD scrambles to find replacement buses after hail storm

  --  Hail damage to a vehicle is never something anyone wants to deal with, but hail damage to a fleet of vehicles is an even worse headache. On Saturday evening, a significant portion of the Lake Travis ISD bus fleet was damaged by the hail storm. To avoid delaying or even canceling school, administrators scrambled Sunday to borrow vehicles from neighboring districts... The hail busted windows, shattered mirrors and broke tail lights. School officials said mirrors are a bus driver’s best friend and without them it is not safe to drive, which is why almost 40 buses were out of commission... The director of transportation for the district said lives about five minutes from the bus barn and had damage at her home and knew there was probably some damage to the buses. When Rhonda Davis checked the buses Sunday morning, she found glass and debris... Officials at the district say until all the repairs are made, there are going to be some changes in how some students will get to-and-from school. All buses will continue to run at their regular times, but a student should expect their route to be serviced by a bus from the Austin, Dripping Springs, Eanes, Hays, Leander, Pflugerville and Round Rock school districts. The buses will likely not resemble their normal bus and will be identified by another number and school district name. However, the bus will be driven by the normal driver... The district said insurance will pick up the tab for the repairs and overtime to have bus drivers from other districts take the buses to LTISD... 
(Photo: Lake Travis ISD scrambles to find replacement buses after hail storm)  --  Austin, TXS, USA - KXAN, by Dave Byknish and Sophia Beausoleil - April 20, 2015



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