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SAFETY BUSES * USA: ‘Vision Zero’ aims to make city buses safer

* New York - In second year, “Vision Zero” plan to end traffic deaths

-- The mayor’s “Vision Zero” plan to end traffic deaths in the city is shifting gears in its second year, according to a report released Tuesday... The program helped bring pedestrian deaths to their lowest point in the city’s history in 2014... The city’s plan for the upcoming year will focus more on trucks and buses, which were involved in almost a quarter of the pedestrian fatalities... There were 15 pedestrian fatalities caused by buses in 2014, even though there was an average of slightly less than nine deaths in the past three years. Seven involved MTA buses, according to a spokesman... Another 17 pedestrians were also killed by trucks, slightly up from the average... The city is working with the MTA to make buses safe for drivers and pedestrians by using audio warnings for turns and technology that uses cameras and radar to warn drivers of possible crashes... 
(Photo: Robert Miller)   --   NY, USA - The New York Post, by Rebecca Harshbarger - April 21, 2015



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