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PUBLIC TRANSPORT * UK: Complaints about London bus drivers

* England: TfL received 250 complaints in a fortnight last August including:  baby 'sent flying' to floor and one who 'hit cyclist while ogling woman'

--   A bus driver who slammed on the brakes so sharply that a baby was “sent flying” to the floor in his pram reportedly told the child’s terrified mother: “This is how I always drive” ... The mother is one of more than 250 people who lodged complaints with Transport for London in the space of a fortnight last August, according to information obtained under Freedom of Information laws... Other complaints include a bus driver accused of going “as fast as possible” the wrong way around a roundabout and another said to be so distracted by a female pedestrian that he hit a cyclist... There were also 37 complaints of speeding, 13 of running red lights or zebra crossings and three reports of drivers using phones at the wheel... On average Transport for London receives between 4,000 and 5,000 complaints a year. It said the figure must been seen in the context of the capital’s 2.4 billion annual bus journeys...  
(Picture: Glenn Copus - Buses at Finsbury Park)  --  London,EN,UK - The London Evening Standard, by CHARLES YOUNG & SIMON FREEMAN - 8 April 2015



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