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BUSMAKERS NEWS * China / S. Korea: Sales of Sunlong Buses

* South Korea - Chinese bus makers moving into Korean market in droves

-- Korea's bus market that has been dominated by domestic auto makers is changing quickly as Chinese-made buses are making inroads into a market thus far protected by the strict certification scheme... The first Chinese bus manufacturer that is leading the initiative is Sunlong Bus, China's No. 5 bus company. Since establishing a Korean office in 2013, it sold 110 25-seater buses in the first year. It increased the number of buses sold last year to 400 and set this year's sales goal to 1,000 including newly imported 35-seater buses. Given the nation's mid-sized bus market is about 6,000 a year, this is equivalent to about 20 percent... Despite the general perception that Chinese-made buses are cheap, buses manufactured by Sunlong Bus are not so cheap. For example, the price of a 25-seater Duego EX is 66.5 million won, about 5 million won more expensive than that of domestic comparable models... Following Sunlong Bus, other Chinese bus makers are aiming to enter the Korean market... 
Seoul, S. Korea - KOREA IT TIMES - April 10th, 2015



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