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BUSES PURCHASING WORLDWIDE * Peru: Metropolitano adds 14 buses - * Azerbaijan: New 300 buses

* Lima: “Chaos” on the Metropolitano transport system reached a high

-- Traffic and chaos on the Metropolitano reached a peak on Wednesday. Users posted photos of obnoxiously long lines and complaints regarding the lack of buses in services, primarily at peak hours in the morning rush hour... Today the Chief of Security of ProTransporte of the Municipality of Lima, Mariano Farías, told that 14 new buses for Metropolitano will run between 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to alleviate traffic and allow better access to passengers starting today... The line will provide greater movement between stations Izaguirre, Independencia, Tomas Valle, and UNI where the congestion of passengers was primarily focused. From stations Naranjal, in Independencia, until the terminal Matellini, in Chorrillos the extra 14 buses will attempt to optimize service and meet the growing demand... The chief told  that the abnormal increase in passenger congestion could be due in part to reduced fare on feeder routes... Approximately 650,000 passengers use the Metropolitano line on a daily basis... 
(Photo: Difusión - Protransporte has added a total of 14 new buses to alleviate traffic) -- Lima, Peru - Peru This Week, by Hillary Ojeda - April 10, 2015

* Azerbaijan - Another 300 buses to be delivered to Baku

  --  Ziya Mammado: "Work on updating the bus fleet continues" ... During the first quarter of 2015 road transport sector has transported 34 mln tons of cargo and 372 mln passengers. The work on loading and unloading have been carried out in volume of 2.8 mln tons. During this period, investments amounted to AZN 210 mln... According to Oxu.Az, these remarks were made by Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov on April 10 at the Cabinet meeting chaired by President Ilham Aliyev on the results of the first quarter of 2015 and the tasks lying ahead...
Baku, Azerbaijan - News AZ - 11 April 2015

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