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BUSES' ACCESORY * USA: Old engines Converter

* Indiana - Lingenfelter introduces revolutionary CAN Bus converter for GM engines

-- Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is offering a CAN Bus converter to simplify late-model GM engine transplants into older cars. Given the popularity of late-model GM engine swaps and the abundance of aftermarket support for these affordable performance engines, the Lingenfelter Performance CAN Bus converter could be a barrier-removing technology, paving the way for even more GM ECU-controlled LS engine transplants... CAN stands for Computer Area Network is a vehicle-based network that allows controllers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle... Lingenfelter's new converter reads the CAN Bus data and converts the digital signal into an analog output to operate traditional performance gauges... The Lingenfelter CAN Bus converter provides gauge output for multiple different parameters, such as water temperature, boost level, engine rpm and fuel pressure. However, the Lingenfelter CAN Bus converter can be configured to read any data on the communication bus such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, tach, speedo, and boost... It is infinitely adjustable and can be configured for any aftermarket gauge, regardless of the brand... Currently, the Lingenfelter CAN Bus converter is only available for GM ECUs, but they have the capability to read other manufacturers' ECUs via upgradable software that will be announced at a future date...
(Photo: Lingenfelter TRG-002 58x-24x Crank Sensor Trigger Conversion Module)  --  Decatur, INS, USA - AUTOSERVICEWORLD - Apr 28, 201



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