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BRT BUSES USA * Utah: Electric ones - * Michigan: Wants larger buses

* Utah - UTA shows off electric BRT bus

(Photo: BYD bus driver Ray Munoz knows what a great ride the bus provides. He has driven it up hills in San Francisco and on the flatlands in the Midwest)
  -- The world’s only 60-foot, zero-emissions, battery-operated bus came to Utah County on Thursday as part of a two-day test for potential future use by the Utah Transit Authority and Bus Rapid Transit... The bus is manufactured by the BYD Company, based in China, the company is just starting to put its vehicles into service... The prototype bus was built from frame up in Lancaster, Calif., and has been beta tested in the Los Angeles area and throughout the U.S.A. any buses used for BRT or receiving government funding must be built in the United States (of A.). The new Lancaster site provides that option...

(Photo: The lithium battery powered, 60-foot long bus UTA showcased in Orem)
  --  The bus holds 120 passengers when full and is completely handicapped accessible, with torque available immediately -- basically, it doesn’t need to build up speed and change gears, and it holds on a hill. The only real noise comes from an intermittent compressor in the back of the bus and the noise of cars passing by... The BYD bus is articulated, which means it bends in the middle to allow for better cornering. It boasts the longest drive range in the industry -- 170 miles on a single charge... Hugh Johnson, UTA regional manager, said the BRT route will have approximately 20 buses, with 16 in motion at any given time. They will most likely be hybrid electric buses in the beginning... 
Provo,UH,USA - The Herald Extra - 10 April 2015

* Illinois - Rapid it do so for Laker Line

(Photo 1. The type of bus the Rapid wants to buy for use on its Laker Line)
  --  Local officials used “Stand Up for Transportation Day” to try to push for more funding for a bus rapid transit line between Grand Valley State University’s Allendale campus and downtown Grand Rapids’ Medical Mile...
(Photo 2. The type of bus the Rapid wants to buy for use on its Laker Line) 
  --  The Rapid showed off the 60-foot articulated — or “bendy” — buses they plan to use on the Laker Line. The buses are big enough to carry 80 people, including standing room. Many of the parts for the buses are manufactured in West Michigan... But Laker Line organizers need more cash to make the $45 million project happen... The Rapid says its bus rapid transit that runs the Division Avenue corridor, the Silver Line, has been successful since its launch in August 2014. It says ridership has spiked 40 percent on that route, with nearly a quarter of a million rides between late August and the end of December... Spectrum Health says it has seen an 11 percent increase in ridership since the Silver Line started running, and an 8 percent increase in people who use the line 10 or more times per month...
 Grand Rapids, MICH, USA - WOOD/24 Hour News - April 9, 2015

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