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QUIET ZONES ON BUSES * Canada: GO Transit is asking bus riders

* Ontario - GO Transit it's trying if they would like the Q.Z., very popular on the upper tier of trains

-- GO Transit is quietly exploring the possibility of adding no-talking sections to its buses. The transit agency hasn't formally decided to go ahead with the idea, and there's no timeline yet. But GO has been surveying customers on whether they would like to see Quiet Zones, introduced on trains in 2013, added to the bus service... During rush hours, upper tiers of GO coaches are considered Quiet Zones, where riders are discouraged from talking together or on their phones and they're asked to turn down their electronics. Short, quiet conversations are allowed. The Quiet Zones aren't policed, but train riders will frequently explain the rules to fellow passengers who don't follow the rules... It's not clear if or how a bus Quiet Zone would work on standard coaches, but it could work on GO's growing double-decker fleet in much the same way as it does on the trains... GO Transit runs 2,061 bus trips daily, and 64,000 of GO's 251,000 riders take the bus... (Photo, by VINCE TALOTTA / TORONTO STAR - Some regular GO Bus passengers would like to the see the Quiet Zone program used on rush-hour trains extended to buses, for a more peaceful commute) --  Toronto, ONT, Canada - The Toronto Star, by Tess Kalinowski - Mar 10 2015



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