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PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICES * USA: RTD misses the bus on Bridj transit technology

* Colorado: What is wrong with RTD?

-- The Regional Transportation District squandered an opportunity to partner with an innovative technology company being sought in cities around the world to help out with the gaps in service... The company, Bridj, would need no government subsidy. It is essentially a pop-up transit service that collects and analyzes data to figure out the most congested corridors to locate its rides... There are no fixed routes, times or bus stops. The company, now operating in Boston and soon to start in Washington, D.C., uses data points from social media, census figures and municipal information to figure out how people move through the city... It also has a mobile app that allows people to schedule bus trips, saying where and when they want to be picked up and where they want to go. They receive a pickup location and, within a few minutes, hop on a Wi-Fi-enabled bus that takes them near their destination... A typical fare in Boston is between $3 and $6... But RTD said, "Thanks, but no thanks" ... (Photo by Anya Semenoff, Denver Post file - A passenger prepares to board an RTD bus in Denver) --  Denver, COL, USA -The Denver Post, by Jeremy Meyer -14 March 2015



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