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* Pakistan: Traffic police clamp down on bus carriers

* Karachi - A precarious perch

-- The city’s impound yards wear splashes of colour these days. Intricately decorated carriers, used by passengers to perch precariously atop the city’s minibuses and coaches, lie piled up in the ‘jails of cars’ after the traffic police clamped down on them... The traffic police department kicked off the crackdown after its 10-day deadline for the removal of the carriers passed on March 1, irking the transporters as well as commuters who often travel on the rooftops of the city’s buses... Talking to The Express Tribune, traffic DIG, Amir Sheikh, termed the hundreds of commuters loaded upon the buses ‘an ugly sight’ as he expressed his displeasure towards the transporters for putting passengers on the rooftop... Transporters, meanwhile, claimed that although they had agreed to comply with Sheikh’s orders, they were facing problems by doing so... According to Zaheer Khan, the manager of the Khan Coach services, the company has 45 buses plying on the roads of Karachi – all of them now free of the rooftop carriers that used to hold passengers. “This has resulted in losses of over Rs400 per day,” he lamented. “And even putting that aside, our drivers and conductors are now met with a hail of abuse from the commuters anxious to board the coaches, sometimes leading to scuffles” ... Meanwhile, South traffic SP, Tanveer Odho, pledged to continue charging transporters who did not comply with the traffic rules...
(Photo: Commuters piled on top of buses is a common sight on the roads of Karachi)  --  The Express Tribune, by Oonib Azam - March 10, 2015



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