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INFRASTRUCTURES' PROJECT * USA: Tolled express lanes only part of story on new U.S. 36

* Colorado - "U.S. 36 tolls need more local input" ..
-- As the Colorado Department of Transportation's U.S. 36 Express Lanes project nears completion, The Denver Post editorial's singular focus on the proposed toll rates only during rush hours leaves out the rest of the story. Yes, paying a toll is one choice for drivers, but the express lane added in each direction of the highway will offer more choices than ever before in this highly congested corridor... U.S. 36 travelers can choose free or a fee... The express lanes are free for carpoolers, and riders on RTD's bus rapid transit service will save time in the less-congested express lane. Toll rates for solo drivers are lower during all off-peak hours and especially if they get a pass. Lastly, drivers always have the option of driving toll-free in the existing general purpose lanes, which will flow more smoothly as express lanes are expected to move 60,000 riders on a weekday. If you choose the toll-free lanes, you have the added benefit of new active traffic management, the large signs you see across the highway that will help improve traffic flow... In a revenue-constrained environment, using express lanes and pricing to manage for growth in the future while also providing multi-modal choice (as opposed to other parts of the country where entire roadways are tolled) was critical. Additionally, the public-private partnership model we are using helps us to deliver U.S. 36 years ahead of where traditional funding would allow... We are confident that once U.S. 36 opens later this year, Coloradans will feel they not only get a better choice in how they travel, but also the best choice we could make as stewards of scarce taxpayer dollars... 
(Photo by Karl Gehring/The Denver Post - Traffic moves on U.S. 36 in Broomfield) -- Denver, COL, USA -The Denver Post, by Shailen Bhatt (Executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation) & Michael Cheroutes (Director of the High Performance Transportation Enterprise) -14 Mar 2015



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