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BUSES PURCHASE * USA: City of Wichita

* Kansas - To purchase nine buses as many as 60 new buses in the next five years

-- The city of Wichita plans to purchase nine, 35-foot diesel buses for Wichita transit, according to city documents... The diesel buses are part of a transit replacement plan approved last year by the City Council with Hayward, Calif.-based Gillig Corp. for at least 10 and as many as 60 new buses in the next five years... Wichita Transit operates a fleet of 56 buses and trolleys. According to transit director Steve Spade, about 60 percent of those are more than 12 years old, the useful life expectancy established by the Federal Transit Administration...
(Photo: The College Hill city bus heads down Douglas) Wichita, KS, USa -- The WICHITA EAGLE, by KELSEY RYANTHE - 25 March 2015



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