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BUS PASSENGERS' STORIES * USA: Riding express bus from Denver to Boulder provides true convenience

* Colorado - In a long overdue tribute:  I write in praise of bus drivers

--   In Boulder, the express bus to Denver stops four blocks from my house... Without a moment's complaint, the bus drivers relieve me of the burden of traffic and trouble on the Boulder-Denver Turnpike. While they cope with unpredictable and dangerous motorist behavior, I enjoy rare interludes of uninterrupted reading. In truth, when traffic is thick, it is impossible not to look down — in every sense — on the automobile drivers who create the congestion and then feel its vexation with the greatest immediacy... I started and ended every workday by relying on the work ethic of bus drivers. Possibly one or two of these individuals were grumpy and short-tempered, but those exceptions to the rule left no lasting impression, while the examples of kindness took a permanent place in my mind... In Colorado as much as in Massachusetts, bus drivers draw on a psychological tool kit stocked with thoughtfulness and a sense of responsibility, as well as humor and wit... On recent trip, an accident had turned the turnpike into a parking lot. As we went nowhere fast, the bus driver mobilized humor on our behalf. "Folks," he said at one point, "I have bad news. The flight attendant called in sick today, so we won't be able to serve peanuts and drinks during this delay" ... And ... this it's a long overdue tribute to all they !! ...
(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/Denver Post - Passengers board an RTD bus in Boulder)  -- Denver, COL, USA -The Denver Post, by Patty Limerick: Faculty director and chair of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado - 14 March 2015: --



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