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The big brother bus * Australia: All aboard

* NSW - Parents to receive live updates through new technology

  -- Helicopter parents looking for further opportunities to supervise children could benefit from new technology set to watch over public transport... A new system developed by India's Tata Motors allows parents to supervise children on school buses through SMS and mobile apps that keep track of students' departures and arrivals while displaying a live map of the vehicle's location... The "SKOOLMAN" service can also send parents an SMS shortly before arriving to collect children, helping them to board the bus just in time for departure... The technology allows schools to track students on the way to school, and can send email or SMS alerts to staff if it detects unsafe driving... (Photo: Tata Motors is set to allow parents to keep tabs on children on the school run) - Sydney,NSW,Australia - (Australia), by David McCowen -February 17, 2015



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