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* India: Tax incentives for clean fuel manufacturers

* Prime Minister favours a policy to promote clean fuel

(PTIRepresentational image: Traffic on Hyderabad, India, street) 
-- To promote energy efficiency, Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has pitched for long-term tax incentives for clean fuel engine manufacturers as well as suppliers of bio-diesel, ethanol and other such fuels... It's preparing a policy to promote clean fuel, a Cabinet note on the issue is likely within a month... Promoting clean fuel like ethanol and bio-diesel has been high on his agenda as it will help in cutting India's huge Rs 9 lakh crore annual import bills on petrol, gas and crude, the Minister said. Huge import bills were also behind declining value of the rupee, he added... Even releasing carbon-dioxide in water bodies can promote algae cultivation through which bio-diesel can be obtained, he said adding that huge fruit and vegetable waste and municipal waste could easily be utilised to convert them into bio CNG... Promoting clean fuel will not only boost economic growth but can have positive impact on GDP growth, he said... New Delhi,India -First Post, by Arun Jaitley -Feb 2, 2015

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