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BUSES POLLUTION * UK: Call to close bus industry loophole to ease pollution

* England - Auto industry body wants loophole closed that lets bus operators buy polluting older models instead of less harmful vehicles

-- Diesel is not a dirty word and vehicles powered by the fuel should not be condemned, according to the motor industry trade body. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is campaigning to have modern diesel vehicles’ contribution to lowering pollution levels recognised – but wants a loophole closed that allows bus operators to buy vehicles for their fleets which do not meet pollution control standards. The society says vehicle manufacturers have invested billions in technology to meet the latest European emissions controls known as “Euro-6”. These systems include filters which capture 99pc of the “soot” diesels produce and also cut the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) they produce. From the start of last year by law new vehicles had to meet the Euro-6 standard – which means emitting just 5pc of the NOx the older vehicles do – but the SMMT says a clause in the legislation allows bus operators to avoid this. It claims there is a loophole which means operators can order buses with older specifications as long the vehicle manufacturers make no more than 250 of a certain model a year. As a result just one in five buses registered in the UK last year met the Euro-6 standard, according to the SMMT, which records the data. Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “Vehicle manufacturers have invested billions into this new technology but the value of this is questioned when there is no legal pressure on operators to buy vehicles which meet the new standard. He added that vehicle manufacturers have the same concerns as the public about air quality but their technology cannot have any impact if operators do not buy buses equipped with it"... (Photo: ALAMY - New emission control standards on have slashed the amount of pollution deisel vehicles pump out) - London, EN, UK -The Telegraph, by Alan Tovey -11 Feb 2015



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