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TECHNO NEWS * Japan - Toyota's

* Aichi - Toyota to open patents on hydrogen fuel cell technology to rival automakers

(Video published on Nov 14, 2014 - Thanks to its hybrid knowledge, Toyota created the first fuel cell production car. It is a vehicle driven by an electric motor powered by the electricity generated by the chemical reaction between onboard hydrogen and airborne oxygen)
  Toyota,Aichi,Japan -LA Times/Shibada, by Shalina dela Paz -January 6, 2015: -- Toyota announced at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas that it will open patents on hydrogen fuel cell technology. The announcement was made right after they have showcased their Mirai hydrogen-driven car... Toyota will be making 5,680 patents available to car makers for them to build and sell their own fuel cell automobiles. Energy companies, bus makers, and spare parts suppliers are also free to use the patents which will be royalty free up until the year 2020... The company's 70 patents are related to hydrogen fuelling stations which could make a swift implementation of the hydrogen electric vehicles... Other car makers like Honda and General Motors have also partnered together on the new fuel-cell applications. Honda is to release its own hydrogen fuel car next year, 2016...



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