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* England - Campaign for Better Transport: facing 'crisis' 

(Photo: A man using a bus) 
London,EN,UK -BBC News -12 January 2015: -- Budget cuts by councils have left bus services facing a crisis, a report by the Campaign for Better Transport says... The group says half the councils in England and Wales have cut funding for buses in 2014/15, amounting to more than £9m when compared with 2013/14... The CBT said its figures came from Freedom of Information Act requests... A Department for Transport spokesman said decisions about buses were best made locally but the government provided "substantial funding"... The CBT said local authority funding for bus services had been slashed by 15% since 2010, or £44m, with more than 2,000 routes being reduced or withdrawn entirely... Its report also says that: 
* Rural areas have been worst hit by cuts, seeing average budget reductions of 19% this year 
* In 2014/15, nearly 500 bus services were cut, altered or withdrawn 
* 22 councils cut bus funding by more than 10% in 2014/15 
* The overall reduction in Wales in 2014/15 is more than £900,000, with 86 bus services having been cut, altered or withdrawn



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