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PASSENGERS TRANSPORT INDUSTRY * USA: Want a problem-free trip ... ? ?

* New York - ... Try the bus !!

(Photo: Frank Espich, Indianapolis Star - Despite less federal oversight, bus lines generate far fewer consumer complaints than airlines) NY,USA -USA TODAY, by Christopher Elliott -January 11, 2015: -- It's difficult to understate the rarity of Shannon Lee's complaint. It's almost as unusual as the topic of this story: bus travel... Bus complaints are almost non-existent, at least compared with airlines. The real reason behind this absence of passenger discontent may hold the key to making other parts of the travel industry better and more complaint-free... How did the decidedly unglamorous bus industry get so attuned to its customers? Transporting about 80 million passengers a year while keeping them happy is no small achievement. It may explain the unprecedented expansion of city-to-city express carriers. They grew 2.1% in 2014, while the number of flights dropped 3% during the same period, according to new research... Part of the secret to the industry's success is the "laid back" culture of bus travel, says Joe Schwieterman, director of DePaul University's Chaddick Institute, which will release its study today. Bus travel is cheaper than other modes of transportation, which affects passenger expectations. You get exactly what you paid for: scheduled bus carriers have on-time ratings that exceed 90%, Schwieterman says... Another thing: If you run a bus company, you can't run away from your customers. "You know that you have to offer a good product at a fair price," says Dan Ronan, a spokesman for the American Bus Association, a trade association. If you're a passenger on a medium-size bus line, such as C&J, which offers service between New Hampshire, Boston and New York, it's not uncommon to see the company's president, Jim Jalbert, in the parking lot... Buses can offer better customer service than airlines in almost every way. Competition made them do it. Maybe we need more of that...



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