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* Kentucky - Louisville gets its first fully-electric, zero-emissions city buses

Louisville,KEN,USA -Clean Technica, by James Ayre -January 16th, 2015: -- Louisville the land of bourbon whiskey and bluegrass; the Gateway to the South; and now, one of the first cities in the US to be home to a fleet of fully electric, zero-emissions, city-transit buses. Louisville’s Transit Authority of the River City recently debuted the new bus system — dubbed ZeroBus — at a launch event showcasing just how nice and shiny the new buses look... Other cities around the country that now have electric bus service, to some degree or other, include: San Antonio (TX), Tallahassee (FL), Stockton and Pomona (California), and Worcester (Massachusetts). Seattle and Nashville are expected to implement electric buses sometime in the near future as well...



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