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Transport violations continue despite promises

(Photo: View Karachi's buses' terminal at peak hours)
Karachi,Pakistan -The Nation, by Talha Makhdoom -January 12, 2015-- Transporters continue to violate transport-laws despite Commissioner Karachi’s promise to address commuter security issues which are the prime reason behind road mishaps... In October 2014, Commissioner Karachi's told that the issue of commuter security is alarming. He said that it remained ignored as authorities’ were reluctant to address ‘minor issues’ like emergency exit gate in public transport, absence of fire extinguishers and over loading in buses. According the report, around thirty-five thousand Air-Conditioned and non-AC intercity buses are plying on National routes across the country... Thousands of commuters travel in vulnerable intercity buses due to negligence by transporters as basic public transportation laws are openly being violated... All these violations go unchecked due to a lack of coordination among the provincial administrations and other concern institutions... On the other side, as the transporters blamed the road condition for fatal accidents on inter-provincial routes, authorities appeared indecisive on to who would check fitness violations of transporters...



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