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BUS FARES HIKES * Brazil: People's protest

* S. P . - Over 30 arrests as Sao Paulo erupts in protest over bus fare price

  (Video from RT: At least 32 people were arrested in clashes between protesters and police in Sao Paulo on Friday, as demonstrators voiced their opposition to public transportation fare increases. Police in anti-riot armour deployed tear gas against the protesters, who had gathered in the city centre and attempted to march onto a major highway) 
Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil -RT -January 10, 2015: -- A massive rally against a bus fare hike has turned violent in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shops were pillaged and objects thrown, with riot police resorting to tear gas and rubber bullets... Thousands of people chanting “Freedom now” marched through Sao Paulo’s downtown on Friday and police started firing tear gas to stop them from entering a major thruway. Police estimate the crowd was 2,000 people strong, but local news outlets such as Folha De S. Paulo put the number at 10,000... At least 32 arrests were made, according to Reuters, with estimates in local press going up to some 50 busts... The increase in bus fares is a touchy issue for many of the poor (and some middle class) in the country. Last time they disputed the measures was in June 2013, when a price rise of R$0.20 (US$0.07) to R$3.20 (US$0.37) was averted as a result. This time, however, the local government wants to increase the fare by R$0.50 (US$0.19)... While chaos was ongoing in downtown Sao Paulo, people also came out in Rio, but only a crowd of around a thousand...

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