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TRANSPORT PUBLIC SERVICE * UK: Kids' - Roof top white buses

* England - Kids not catching buses are missing out – they’re a ticket to the real world

(Photograph: StudioCanal/Rex - Reg Varney in On The Buses: ‘The life-enhancing kind [of bus], often the smaller ones, where the driver is helpful, friendly and involved, helping people on and off’)
London,EN,UK -The Guardian, by David Boyle -1 December 2014: ... The Millennium Cohort Study, tracking 13,000 British children born between 2000 and 2002, are striking: apparently, nearly half of 11-year-olds had never been on a bus. One in six also spends more than three hours a day in front of a screen, and the combination of the two – this bus-less, virtual world – was what concerned the Daily Mail... There are actually two kinds of bus. There’s the life-enhancing kind, often the smaller ones, where the driver is helpful, friendly and involved, helping people on and off. I encountered a driver in Sussex last week who stopped the bus and phoned a colleague coming towards him just to help an older lady who had strayed too far the wrong way... The other kind is not life-enhancing, because the drivers are tightly controlled and their managers don’t allow them to do anything like that, so they are effectively mechanical adjuncts to their buses. I wouldn’t wish those on 11-year-olds... (There is also a third kind. The peculiar Boris exhibition buses in central London where there is an under-employed conductor staring out of the window wondering what to do – but that is by the way.)... But the whole implication of the Daily Mail’s report is that children have disappeared into a virtual world, and are losing their grip on reality... Well, I’m not convinced about this, as there is very little evidence one way or another... After all, the acid test of authenticity is whether it is possible to tell the truth to a future president travelling on an omnibus...

* England - Here’s why London’s famous red Bbses have white roofs

(Photographer: Getty Images - London buses seen from atop of St. Paul's Cathedral in the City of London) 
London,EN,UK -Bloomberg News, by Alex Morales -Dec 2, 2014: ... Take Transport for London, which manages subways, buses and roads. Climate-proofing is built into its work, according to Helen Woolston, sustainability coordinator at TfL... One example: a program to install white panels atop the capital’s trademark red buses to reflect the rays of the summer sun and keep the vehicles cooler. After 10 years, 98.5 percent of the fleet of 8,700 has white roofs...

* England - 540 more buses in London by 2021 under £500m plan

(Photo - “Network’s backbone”: London buses. They now carry 2.4 billion people a year) 
London,EN,UK -London Evening Star, by MATTHEW BEARD -3 December 2014: -- An extra 540 buses will be on the streets of London by the end of the decade as part of a £500 million investment plan announced today to cope with soaring demand... Services will be boosted to carry an extra 2.9 million passengers a week on the fleet of 7,500 vehicles... Buses already carry 2.4 billion passengers a year, but many routes are overcrowded at peak times... There will be more frequent services and some single-deckers will be switched to double... New bus lanes, longer hours for bus lanes, and priority turns will be added under a £200 million “bus priority scheme”. The spending proposals are included in Transport for London’s business plan, covering spending until 2021, which is subject to approval by the board tomorrow...

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