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TECHNO-BUSES * Israel: Superbus Valley's

*  Israel - Superbus Vallys selects IVU Traffic Technologies' IT support platform for buses

(Picture: Superbus Vallys Ltd - The fleet of Superbus Vallys Ltd will in future be planned and controlled with the IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies AG) 
Ha’Amakim,Kiryat Tiv'on,Zevulun RC,Israel -Fleet Management -28 November 2014: -- Israeli bus company Superbus Vallys has selected IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies for its new Ha’Amakim concession... The IVU.suite provides IT support for all the tasks involved in the operation of the fleet of nearly 300 buses from timetable planning through scheduling and operational control to ticketing, passenger information and settlement... In addition to the IVU.suite, the twelve-year contract also covers the delivery of on-board computers for ticket sales by the driver... The IVU system now supports all the most important international standards for electronic ticketing. Already in December 2014, the first 100 new buses will be going into service. The vehicles are being supplied by the Chinese manufacturer Golden Dragon Bus, which has prepared them especially to accommodate the IVU solution. By March 2015, the entire fleet will be on the roads in Ha'Amakim...



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