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BUSMAKERS NEWS * Germany: Mercedes Benz's

* Germany - Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L high-capacity articulated bus can transport 191 passengers

(Photo: At 21 metres in length, it is around three metres longer than conventional articulated buses)
Stuttgart,Germany -Autocar Professional News -Dec 2, 2014: -- It is an imposing 21 metres long, around three metres longer than conventional articulated buses, and provides space for up to 191 passengers as standard. It consumes well below 0.5 l/100 km per passenger and has only minimal emissions. Mercedes-Benz’s latest CapaCity L high-capacity articulated bus makes an important contribution towards counteracting the transport problems in inner cities... With the CapaCity L, transport operators can carry far more passengers with the same number of buses... Whether new shopping centres, residential areas or industrial estates, they can all be served quickly and cost-effectively with the CapaCity L without the need for high investment – all the high-capacity bus needs is a road. The CapaCity L is therefore ideally suitable for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems...

* India / Germany - Daimler readies phase-II for India. To launch sin to the bus segment

Mumbai,India -Business Standard, by Swaraj Baggonkar -December 4, 2014: ... Daimler will unveil a new heavy duty truck next year and also announce its entry into the bus segment... The company, which sells its products under the Bharat Benz brand, will cater to the city bus segment while its elder sibling Mercedes-Benz will continue in the luxury inter-city segment. A new Rs 425 crore bus plant, built within the premises of the truck making plant, will commence operations in the second quarter of next year... Buses will be offered in the nine tonne and above categories having front and rear engine configurations. The plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 units per annum in the first phase and can be expanded to 4,000 units per annum... The company says it has doubled its volumes in the past two years and aims to double it again next year. In the medium term, it targets to triple its market share to 20 per cent. It wants to fully utilise its initial installed capacity of 36,000 in two years...

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