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* North England - Volunteer Dales bus service is lifeline for district

(Photo: Ian Woolley, 76, a volunteer driver for the Little White Bus parked up outside Hawes in Upper Wensleydale) 
Yorkshire,EN,USA -The Yorkshire Post -17 November 2014: -- Rural residents may
increasingly have to rely on themselves to run bus services as austerity-hit councils trim transport budgets further, a situation which exacerbates fears that
an erosion of key services is causing an exodus of young families from the most remote communities... The frequency of bus services has already been affected by
 subsidy cuts, with North Yorkshire County Council alone having reduced what it pays to companies to run bus services in the county from £4.4m to £2.4m per year...To find innovative new ways to deliver services with less money, a Rural Exodus summit will be held by Richmondshire District Council and The Yorkshire Post at Tennants Auction Centre in Leyburn on Wednesday, bringing together key decision makers... And community-run bus services can be part of those innovative solutions, said Richmondshire District Council leader Councillor John Blackie, secured a £25,000 subsidy in May 2011 to set up Little
White Bus, a not-for-profit, community-run bus service which operates out of the Upper Wensleydale Community Office in Hawes... 



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