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* Indiana - Additional school buses failed inspection

(Photo by John P. Cleary/The Herald Bulletin - Anderson Community Schools bus. Twenty-nine of Webber Transportation Services' 30 buses flunked a spot inspection by Indiana State Police last month) 
Anderson,IND,USA -The Herald Bulletin, by Stu Hirsch -November 3, 2014: -- The decision by Indiana State Police to take Webber Transportation Services buses out-of-service last month because of safety violations wasn't the first time company equipment was sidelined... The district created contingency plans for how to respond if several school buses were suddenly pulled off the road... The district implemented such a plan Oct. 22, when state police shut down 29 of 30 Webber buses after a spot investigation revealed recordkeeping discrepancies and serious safety violations... Monday's hearing was the start of a formal process to terminate the company's contract with Anderson Community Schools... School officials expected the company to take responsibility for the apparent problems with its operation, but that didn't occur...



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