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BUS MARKET * China: Report

* England - Light’ buses hold weight in the China public vehicle market

(Photo: A China made bus, in the Habana's, Cuba, streets) 
London,EN,UK -Cos. and Markets/Automotive and Parts, by Amy Sandys -31 October 2014: -- Despite the recent boom in the Chinese commercial transportation vehicle market, sales of both 'large' and 'medium' buses have been experiencing a decline in sales volume. However the market saviour appears to be the smaller and more stylish 'light' buses, which are expected to enjoy a sustained increase over the growth period 2014-2017... The rapidly expanding economy, increased middle-class wealth, and a growing 'travelling population' have seen the demand for public transportation in China increase steadily over the past decade. This increasing demand has had a particularly noticeable effect in the bus industry specifically, whereby need for comfortable, long-distance passenger transportation is in high demand... In 2013, the total sales of all buses reached 477,100, representing an increase of 12.11% since 2012... In an effort to maintain a strong overall bus transportation industry, the Chinese government - along with several corporations - have taken to expanding their enterprises overseas...



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