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ELECTRIC BUSES * India: BMTC proposals

* Bangalore - BMTC banks on Tata Motors to add hybrid buses to its fleet

(Photo: BMTC operated this electric bus, made by a Chinese company, ByD, on trial basis, but found its cost prohibitive) 
Bangalore,India -The Bangalore Mirror, by Suchith Kidiyoor -Oct 17, 2014: -- You could seriously plan to leave your private vehicles in your garages and take to commuting around the city in an air-conditioned public transport vehicle - a hybrid one, and at no higher fare than the already running premium air-conditioned buses of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation... BMTC is planning to pick up hybrid vehicles and is looking at Tata Motors... BMTC plans to procure 30 hybrid buses for its fleet, and selected Tata Motors' proposals as they offered two different designs for BMTC - one in which the buses would run using a combination of diesel and electric propulsion, and the other using either diesel or electric motors to power the buses... The buses running on diesel-cum-electric motors are priced at Rs 2.3 crore each, while the ones powered by either diesel or electric motors cost Rs 1.5 crore each. The latter provides the driver an option to use one or the other, which means if the bus is running out on diesel while on the go, he can switch to the electric motor for power...

* What is a Hybrid bus?

Bangalore,India -Bangalore Mirror - Oct 17, 2014: -- A hybrid bus combines conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. The internal combustion engines are the ones that use petrol or diesel to power the vehicle. The electric propulsion system powers electric cars like Reva, and are becoming increasingly popular due to its non-polluting nature. 
* Diesel-electric hybrid: The propulsion uses diesel and electric motors together to power the vehicle. This ensures lesser consumption of diesel. 
 * Diesel/electric hybrid: This propulsion uses either diesel or electric at any given time of driving. It helps keeping the other as back-up. Many such buses have been introduced by manufacturers in the US, UK, New Zealand and Japan, some claiming a cut in carbon dioxide emissions up to 31% and fuel savings of 40%.

* Chennai - Ashok Leyland to start manufacturing electric, hybrid buses in India

(Photo: Ashkok Leyland's Optare electric bus) 
Chennai,India -BS - October 15, 2014: -- Commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland is planning to start manufacturing and marketing its electric and hybrid buses in India from next year. Vinod Dasari, managing director of Ashok Leyland, said that Optare, the company's arm in UK, has been leading the electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers there and its intention is to bring the Optare products to India... The electric and hybrid bus cost a lot of money and they do not make economic sense by themselves unless the State comes forward to support, he said thanking UK government for its support. The company sells around 100 units in UK a year. The company will be launching the Solo bus from Optare, through Ashok Leyland, in India in the Bus Expo in New Delhi in January 22, next year... The company would have to make investments in electric battery handling capabilities, not manufacturing capabilities. The bus itself will not require substantial investments other than the tooling to make it...

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