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TECHNO BUSES * EUROPE: Driveless buses

* Italy - Sardinia Island, trial two electric buses

-Busworld -16 Aug 2014: -- Europe’s first driverless bus trial has started on the Italian island of Sardinia. Co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, the demonstrations are led by the City Mobil 2 project (CM2), which is testing automated vehicles (AVs) in real-life urban environments... The two driverless electric buses, which can take up to 12 passengers each, have been provided by Robosoft and are being piloted on a busy pedestrianized seafront promenade in Oristano. The buses are guided by a differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and have three levels of safety: two laser scanners on the front that detect obstacles within 30m (98ft); ultrasound detectors on the front and the sides that recognise obstacles, even if they are not in the vehicle’s direct trajectory; and a mechanical device that forces a stop in an emergency. Italian law requires that a human ‘supervisor’ is present on board and is capable of taking command of the vehicle if required. Despite the automation, a driver/supervisor provided by the region’s public transport operator travels on the vehicle and has a console with which they can override the autonomous systems and take control of the vehicle. The operator also provides assistance and information to the passengers, as well as collecting travel data, which will be used for further statistical analysis... 

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