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ELECTRIC BUSES * UK & Spain: Solaris' ones

* England - Electric bus operational trials start ahead of London and Glasgow demonstrations

(Photo: The project will demonstrate electric buses in operation on the streets of European cities) 
London,EN,UK -Transportctra, by Lee Baker -16 Oct 2014: -- A European Union-wide project to demonstrate electric buses in operation has launched, with plans to bring trials to the streets of London and Glasgow... The Zero Emission Urban bus System demonstration (ZeEUS) will test 35 plug-in hybrid, full electric and battery trolley buses built by six European manufacturers in seven cities, starting with Barcelona...  The local operator Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona will test four full electric buses, including one of Europe's first 100% full electric buses, the i2e, which has a range of 200-250km. The bus uses sodium-nickel batteries and ultra-capacitors which will be charged overnight... The 18m bus, meanwhile, produced by Polish company Solaris, will be charged along the route itself. The charging system supplies an electric charge of 400 kW CC to the bus through a rectractable pantograph on the roof...



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